Leaf On the Lam From the Law Over Drug Charges

In the saga “The Life Arc of Ryan Leaf“, we’re now plumbing the depths of self-destruction in a way most people can’t begin to understand. So precipitous and profound is his fall from prominence that it would be worth marveling at if it weren’t so damned sad.

Ryan Leaf
(In “happier” times)

The SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE is now reporting that Leaf failed to show up for his court date in the case of his prodigious drug-related misdeedery, meaning he’s, essentially, a fugitive from the law

A warrant for his arrest was issued May 20. That was the day a grand jury in Randall County, Texas, issued nine indictments against him involving his use of prescription painkiller medication.

“At one point he said he was going to turn himself in. He hasn’t turned himself in yet, and if he gets picked up he’s going to be arrested,” Randall County prosecutor Lacy Miller said. “If he gets picked up out of our jurisdiction, then we will extradite him or use whatever means we have to get him back. Right now he is a wanted individual.”

It’s not quite like nobody knows where the former #2 draft pick is; he’s been living at a rehab clinic in Vancouver. And hey, that’s fine; it’d be wonderful if Leaf kicked the addiction to painkillers that got him into this mess.

But it’s not criminal in and of itself to be in a state of addiction; committing several crimes (including burglary, let’s remember) to support that addiction, however, is most certainly something to which Leaf has to answer regardless of whether he’s still “needing” pills. Hanging out at a rehab clinic, for all the good it’s (hopefully) doing, isn’t going to solve his legal problems.

Perhaps Leaf doesn’t want to still be addicted before he goes to prison in a state that practically prides itself on punition. Perhaps he thinks having a clear mind (for the first time in Lord knows how long) will better serve him in front of a judge. Perhaps he hasn’t thought any of it through this much and is just scared of his reckoning. Who knows? Does Leaf?