The “Runaway Beer Truck” Gets Popped For DUI

College football fans will likely recall Matt Vasgersian’s epic call of Owen Schmitt’s touchdown in West Virginia’s upset win over Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. As the burly Schmitt barreled down the sideline en route to a long touchdown, Vasgersian yelled, “Like a runaway beer truck!”

Owen Schmitt
(This isn’t a mugshot, but whatever his mugshot looked like is undoubtedly inferior to this.)

It was an iconic nickname in an era where so few are spontaneous and evocative, and one that stuck with him as he joined the NFL. Spontaneous and evocative, yes, but now, extremely unfortunate.


Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt was arrested Saturday on suspicion of drunken driving in Black Diamond.

Schmitt, 24, was pulled over by Black Diamond police around midnight for speeding. He was subsequently arrested for drunken driving after his blood-alcohol content was measured at .151 and .161, according to State Patrol records. The legal limit in Washington is .08.

That is a substantial DUI, sir, one where the booze can convince you of anything. In this case, it just so happens to be, “let’s have a drive, then!”

This may not be a career killer, being that Schmitt doesn’t have a history of bad behavior and he’s in line to start at fullback, but he’s now under a ton of scrutiny from coaches and… and fans… oh, who are we kidding? Analysis? No, you just want the call. Fine, why stand in your way?