The Road To London 2012 Is Paved With … Skulls?

As we all learned in “Poltergeist,” you don’t build on a site that was once a sacred burial ground: Unpleasant things tend to happen. So that’s why I’m skipping the 2012 Summer Olympics. Bad omens abound.


Workers building a road southwest of London for the Olympic Games recently unearthed what you should never have to deal with unless you’re getting overtime: A burial pit containing 45 severed skulls. CSI Ipswich was not called however; it is believed to be an ancient mass war grave dating to Roman times.


“We think that these dismembered bodies are likely to be native Iron Age Britons. The question is — how did they die and who killed them,” said dig head, David Score, of Oxford Archaeology. “Were they fighting amongst themselves? Were they executed by the Romans? Did they die in a battle with the Romans?

“The exciting scenario for us possibly is that there were skirmishes with the invading Romans and that’s how they ended up chopped up in a pit,” he told Reuters.

Ha. “Dig head.” There were also leg, arm and torso bones unearthed at the site, at Ridgeway Hill on the Dorset coast. The seaside town will be host to sailing events for the Olympics.

The grave site is close to Maiden Castle — Europe’s largest Iron Age hill fort where local tribes are said to have staged a last stand against the Roman legions after the invasion.

Some historians believe the Romans sacked the site, butchering its population including women and children, before burning it to the ground.

Score said more could be found in the coming weeks. Most of the skulls were those of young men, supporting the theory they could have been killed in battle or executed en masse.

Still, it’s not as horrific and distasteful as this.