The Packers Warned Us Of This Swine Flu Thing

So are we all done freaking out about Swine Flu? God, that was embarrassing. Not just the fact that it managed to kill about a thousand times less people than regular flu, or petting zoo stampedes for that matter. But the fact that we should have known about this decades ago. Or we would, if we’d have listened to the Green Bay Packers.

Miss Piggy

Through the magic of the Internets, someone dug up an old public service announcement from 1976 in which Packers safeties Johnny Gray and Steve Luke do what I can only assume all football players did in the 70s: discuss vaccinations in the weight room. And it’s got everything a good dated PSA should have: bad hair, bad jokes and bad acting.

Video after the jump.

While Gray may have been the more distinguished player, Luke is clearly the better actor. You really connect with him when he says “you better believe” he get his shot already. And with his conviction when he physically threatens the swine flu, it’s a wonder the bug hasn’t been wiped out already.

If you’ll recall 1976, no one actually died from the flu, though 25 died from complications with the vaccine. And the ‘76 Packers went 5-9. So I’d say the flu had a better record.