The NY Post Loves Our Mad Animated Gif Skillz

Yesterday we posted a video that featured a cockfight involving Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal in the Dominican Republic. The video has since been taken down. Here’s the animated gif we created to link the video:

Pedro Martinez Juan Marichal Cockfight

The ASSOCIATED PRESS then reported on the video a few hours after we linked it (which we first spotted on HOME RUN DERBY). Keep in mind the video was not uploaded to Youtube on the day we linked it. It had already been on the site for some time. We’re guessing the AP found the old video through SbB or Home Run Derby, which is fine. We really don’t expect credit on something like that.

But then earlier today Cathy Burke and Tom Liddy of the NEW YORK POST reported on the video as well, including this animated gif (bottom right):

NY Post Steals SbB Animated Gif Of Cockfighting

Look familiar? Hi Cathy and Tom!