The Not-So-Hebrew Nationals In A Kosher Pickle

Unless you’re a Jewish fan of the Washington Nationals, this story doesn’t affect you. And since I’m running it on Saturday afternoon, if you’re Jewish, you shouldn’t be reading this site. Our advertisers were none too pleased with this timing, until I explained to them that there are no Nats fans, period.

Kosher Sports

Washington cut ties with their kosher food vendor before the season started, and have yet to fill the kosher food void at Nationals Park. Even worse, since then they’ve been selling food labeled kosher that might not actually be certified. Even worse, they’re the Nationals.

You know things are bad when even WASHINGTON JEWISH WEEK is making jokes at your expense. But that’s the reality for those meshugeh Nats:

The Washington Nationals have lost much this year — ball games, fans and now even kosher food.

The Nats stopped doing business with Kosher Sports Inc., a New Jersey vendor, in the offseason. The team says it was because of subpar performance. The vendor says the termination was mutual. Either way, Jewish Washingtonians have been kvetching ever since.

“It completely ruins the experience at the ballpark,” said season-ticket holder [Glenn] Easton, executive director of Adas Israel Congregation in the District. “It’s one thing to watch a last-place team lose just about every game. But when the thrill of eating a kosher hot dog is taken away, that makes it intolerable.”

Hot dogs labeled kosher are sold at other stands, but that apparently only concerns the cuts of meat, and the food isn’t prepared under the supervision of a mashgiach; basically, it’s not kosher in most eyes.

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise for Jewish Nationals fans. They won’t have to watch those shmendriks schlepping around the field, embarrassing themselves so badly you could plotz.