The NFL May Increase Regular Season Schedule To 17 Games To Satisfy Overseas Affairs

NFL TO 17-GAME SEASON TO SATISFY OVERSEAS AFFAIRS? The WASHINGTON POST reports that NFL Commish Roger Goodell told a group of sports editors in NYC Thursday the league is “considering adding a 17th regular-season game to accommodate [its] desire to play overseas games, although the idea is in the formative stages.”

NFL Europe Berlin Thunder

THe NFLPA had not heard from Goodell or the league about the possibility as of yesterday.

Roger Goodell

If NFL team’s out-of-country games go “beyond the one to two per year to which owners now are committed,” the league would subtract a week from the preseason (damn!) - while adding a week to the regular season.

The NFL can play 50 games a year in Latvia as far as I’m concerned if it means reducing the absurd number of preseason games.