The NFL could name a commissioner as early as…

The NFL could name a commissioner as early as today - as owners consider five candidates.

SPORTS BUSINESS NEWS likens the process to the naming of a new pope: "As NFL owners begin the voting for a new commissioner this afternoon, they won’t be burning ballots after each vote offering black smoke until they elect a new commissioner, but they would be wise to consider all of their options."

Considering there will be only one Cardinal in the building, Arizona owner Bill Bidwell, it’s safe to say the process will be a little shorter.

One of the darkhorse candidates is named Mayo A. Shattuck III. If he lands the gig, it’ll become the second biggest trophy he’s ever attained, with the first being his wife, a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader.

Shattuck’s wife Molly is a 38-year-old mother of three who was recently profiled by CBS News.

Why do I have a feeling the Milfhunter just booked Southwest to Balto?


The N.Y. DAILY NEWS reports that U.S. swimmer Haley Cope, pole-vaulter Mary Sauer and high-jumper Amy Acuff will pose nude in the September issue of PLAYBOY.

The September issue of FHM also features Cope and Acuff, along with swimmer Amanda Beard, volleyballer Logan Tom and sprinter Jenny Adams, who did not make the Olympic team.

Lenore Skenazy of the Daily News writes the hard work of those female athletes "deserve our respect. Too bad they’ve squandered it. When successful women go soft core, they betray their own hard work."