The Newest Excuse In MMA: “I’m On My Period”

Last year when EliteXC hit network television on CBS there was a lot of hope that the primetime shows would help make MMA a more mainstream sport. With fights featuring Gina Carano, they were also hoping that they could advance women’s MMA in the process. Well, MMA keeps growing in popularity but the primetime show took a hit when EliteXC went under. EliteXC’s failure also set back the women’s cards because it put the future of any fight between Carano & Cris Santos — who was very impressive in her EliteXC bout — in limbo.

Cris Cyborg Santos

Santos has moved on to Strikeforce, who have bought most of EliteXC’s assets, and now Strikeforce is hoping to sign Carano as well so that the two ladies can finally get it on. Of course, if Strikeforce does sign Carano, they may want to check with Santos before they schedule the event. They’re probably going to want to make sure Aunt Flo has left town before making Cris take on Gina.

From the USA TODAY:

Santos fought on Strikeforce’s first card since the EliteXC purchase, but it was hardly a classic. Santos came in 7 pounds overweight at the weigh-in, then shed just enough weight and money to coax smaller Hitomi Akano into the cage for a one-sided bout.

“She admitted she was menstruating, so I guess she blew up before the fight,” Afromowitz says. “There could be harsher penalties. We’re confident that it was an isolated situation and it won’t happen again.”

Santos will get no sympathy from [Kim] Couture or [Miesha] Tate.

“It’s not very professional,” Couture says. “If we want to be treated and respected equally, then you can’t have excuses like, ‘Oh, I had a woman problem.’ “

Yes, and if you are having a “woman problem”, I sure as hell don’t want to hear about it, whether it’s causing you to miss weight or not.

Of course, you do have to wonder if having fighters on their period may be beneficial to the sport. I mean, I wouldn’t want to step in a ring with my girlfriend when she’s on hers.