The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS notes Mark Cuban was …

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS notes Mark Cuban was told by "Access Hollywood" reporter Pat O’Brien "that the quote, in which Cuban said the charges Bryant faces … were ‘great for the NBA,’ would not be used."

Cuban: "Sometimes, you trust people in the media and they screw you."

The DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports Cuban got into an on-air spat with Larry Kudlow about his controversial comments on the Kobe Bryant case on CNBC’s "Kudlow and Cramer": "A lot of people who have interviewed me never listened to the entire quote and didn’t know what the question was. So they went in thinking they knew what was going on, and they had no clue.

"The ability to shut them down and shut them up and prove what hypocrites they are, I take immense personal satisfaction with that. To do that with Larry Kudlow and tell him he was stupid, that was fun."


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