The New And Improved Redskins Aren’t Improved

The NFL season opener featured the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants against their NFC East rival, the Washington Redskins. And It was like Joe Gibbs 2.0 never left. The new guy, Jim Zorn, was supposed to bring all this new energy, a new way of doing things, a new offense, so on and so forth.

Jason Campbell

All ‘Skins fans got was more of the same: inept play-calling, a barrage of penalties, seven measly points and a loss. As usual, this is all owner Dan Snyder’s doing. And Tom Cruise. I’m sure he’s somehow responsible.


The situation the Redskins are in has been years in the making, literally, and it has been engineered by a world-class amateur of an owner. So it can’t be laid off on rookie head coach Jim Zorn, who has some personality and dash, in his pleasant, frank-spoken, oh-gosh way.

The fact is that Zorn is quite clearly just another underling who is working with what he has been so hastily given. As he stood on the field at Giants Stadium, watching the Redskins commit assorted miscues on their way to a lamentably bad 16-7 loss to the Giants, he at times barely seemed to be part of the organization, much less in charge of it.

He followed the action on the field 10 yards away from any of his coaches and players, his arms crossed contemplatively, checking a clipboard occasionally, identifiable as a head coach only by the red challenge flag sticking out of his back pocket.

After the game, Zorn seemed surprised by the outcome: “I was disappointed we just looked so poor ourselves … I didn’t feel it was domination. It was what we were doing.”

Here’s the thing: the Redskins scored six points in the final two preseason games. Six points. In 120 minutes of football. I’m actually shocked they were able to get in the end zone against the Giants. So in a sense, Washington improved last night. Unfortunately, the NFL doesn’t play 300 games a season, which is about how long it would take to make this team mediocre.

On the upside, the players get free passes to Six Flags, so there’s that.

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