The Much Funnier Version Of “Wedding Crashers”

We’re sure NASCAR executives trying to lock down deals with upscale advertisers will be pleased with the ORLANDO SENTINEL’s breakdown of the infield denizens attending this year’s Daytona 500:

John Parker, a St. Petersburg carpenter, and his friends sleep in tents and shower with water piped from a garbage can heated by a turkey fryer.

Hank Evitts, 48, of Leonardtown, Md., hangs a plastic deer head from a tiki bar at the front of his RV site. What startles passers-by is when the deer’s lips move and it starts talking to them — Evitts controls it through a wireless microphone.

(Vaguely NASCAR-related photo - more here)

Brilliant. Well, there’s at least one company that fits that air condition-free target demographic perfectly.

Our favorite part of the piece though involved a South Florida couple who, like many of their fellow NASCAR fans, is a little down on their luck.

Rosemarie and Robert Gagnon, Jr., who had recently, simultaneously lost their jobs, had been mulling marriage for some time. Naturally, it soon occurred to them that the best place to do it would be the infield of an international motor speedway:

Rosemarie Gagnon said she had always pictured herself getting married in a dress, not the racing uniform — a loan from driver Boris Said’s team. They wore matching borrowed pit-crew jackets that read “No Fear” as they took their vows in Victory Lane, surrounded by the world’s largest lighted racetrack.

Is it just us or are we the only ones who find this kind of stuff infinitely more interesting than the race itself? Kind of like reading about the shootouts immediately following NBA All-Star game parties. That’s where the real action is.