The Most Neon Sport Ever: MTV Freestyle Frisbee

It’s nearly impossible to believe now, but there was once a time when MTV was considered a groundbreaking, trendsetting television network. In between showing actual music videos, they developed a series of programs that set the stage for later, larger cultural development. Just like music videos changed the way people listened to and learned about popular music, shows like “The Real World”, “Remote Control”, and “The State” forged the way for reality TV, irreverent gameshows, and alternative sketch comedy.

surfer girls

(Surfing - an extreme sport we can get behind. Get it? Behind?)

One such show from the early ’90s was MTV Sports. Hosted by bitchin’ dude Dan Cortese, the show highlighted what are now considered XTREME sports - things like skateboarding, BMX, competitive hang gliding, hacky sack, et cetera. It predated things like the X-Games by years, but set the stage for the mainstream acceptance of extreme sports later in the decade. Sometimes, however, they didn’t quite get it right. Extreme sports FAIL, after the jump.

Hey kids! Do you love sports, but hate things like “rules” or “having a point?” Do you love dressing up in garish bandannas and rolling around in the grass? Then we’ve got the sport for you! All the way from MAJOR LEAGUE JERK, it’s our pleasure to introduce the hottest trend of 1992: Freestyle Frisbee!

As awful as that was, freestyle Frisbee wasn’t even the worst trend in that video. Neon colored anything - who ever thought that was a good idea? Just because science could develop clothes in those colors doesn’t mean they should have. Also, nice bandanna. You can’t always pick the trends that will end up winning mainstream acceptance, but whoever thought that freestyle Frisbee was a burgeoning trend needs their radar adjusted.