The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE notes that Vikings owner Red McCombs recently met with NFL commish Paul Tagliabue about "the availability" of the Los Angeles market.

McCombs, thwarted in recent attempts to secure a new stadium, said, "We’re continuing to look at the issue of whether we can maintain this franchise in Minnesota. That’s an ongoing issue, no question about it. That’s why we have to look at the possibility of sale or relocation."

Mark it down, the Vikings will not move. If they do, the NFL will have the same nightmare scenario on it’s hands that played out in Cleveland.

Tags has made it pretty clear that Los Angeles will get an expansion team - which will be the best thing for the fans here.


NASCAR LAPPED BY NUDE DANCER: The AUSTIN BUSINESS JOURNAL reports the former owner of the defunct NASCAR Busch Series team Angela’s Motorsports, Gary Jones, pleaded guilty this week to five charges of theft, embezzlement and bank fraud.

Jones embezzled almost $1M from an Austin bank to finance the racing team.

Jones formed the race team with an enigmatic 28-year-old stripper and kindergarten teacher, Angela Harkness. The since-vanished Harkness reportedly performed at an Austin strip joint called Yellow Rose.

The AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN has an extensive profile of the Iranian exotic dancer but amazingly, doesn’t publish any all-important photos of her.

Talk about shoddy journalism.