The LeGarrette Blount Apology Tour Is Underway

It’s no surprise that LeGarrette Blount waited until Saturday to call Boise State and apologize for getting all punchy and stuff; he probably spent all of Friday turning in his equipment. Five different game jerseys, five different pairs of pants, dozens of coordinated wristbands, elbow pads, socks, six pairs of cleats … what a project.

But after all of that was accomplished, he did head over to Chip Kelly’s office and call Boise State coach Chris Petersen and sucker punchee Byron Hout and apologized to both. And then he placed another call — to Jon Gruden. And that, my friends, is the significant portion of Blount’s grieving process. It goes like this: Anger, denial, acceptance, damage control. Now his real battle begins.

Even though Blount’s season at Oregon is kaput, the senior still has sights set on an NFL career; if, that is, he can convince people that he’s not one of the more out-of-control clansmen from “Braveheart.” In this, Gruden is evidently playing the Tony Dungy role. Blount’s transgressions don’t exactly rise to the level of Michael Vick, but he did have to be wrestled off of the field by cops. That looks terrible on a resume.

Although it may help if he wants to be an Oakland Raider.

Fair or not, Blount’s reputation is now just below that of a runaway circus elephant. What team would want him, knowing that at any given moment he could bust his restraints and trample innocent autograph seekers? That’s where Gruden comes in.


After that, Kelly and Blount called Jon Gruden. The former NFL coach, a friend of Kelly’s, talked with Blount about how to move on — and in light of his new reality, how to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of potential future employers.

So what’s the next step? What was said in his conversation with Gruden isn’t known, but my guess is that the former Raiders and Buccaneers head coach advised Blount to stay with Oregon and accept Kelly’s offer to continue to practice with the team. The alternative is to transfer to a Div. II school if he wants to continue to play this season.

Welcome to Chadron State?

Meanwhile, Blount continues to remain as one of the featured players gracing the Oregon football site’s banner.

Then, these ominous facts:

Blount also will be asked to seek counseling, though Kelly declined to specify whether that included anger management.

“LeGarrette Blount needs this football team; he needs structure,” Kelly said.

“I think he’s taken this very hard, and he understands he made a mistake. He has to pay for that mistake, but we’re not going to throw LeGarrette Blount out on the street.”

While Blount has been given the opportunity to stay with the team, Kelly was not certain whether he would accept that offer.

“I can’t force him to stay with us,” Kelly said.

With the third pick in the second round, the Cincinnati Bengals choose …