And Our Keyboard Is Obviously Not Writer-Friendly

We’ve been perplexed by the Houston Rockets for some time now. For a team with a pretty good haul of talent, they seem to be perennial underachievers. Ah, but Tracy McGrady finally reveals the reason for the club being the bowels of the Western Conference playoff picture.

Tracy McGrady

Chris Colston of USA TODAY reports that “McGrady says the rims are not shooter-friendly — and hurt his team as much as they do opponents. Houston is shooting 43.4% from the field at home and 45.2% on the road.

And it’s not just the rims McGrady is unhappy with at the Toyota Center.

T-Mac: “I really feel a lot of guys are not comfortable playing in this arena. It’s not a good shooting arena for whatever reason. It’s not just our guys. It’s guys around the league. They hate our arena. Who was the last player to score 40 in our arena?”

Two things about that comment. Based up the opponents’ record at Toyota Center this season (a respectable 9-12), we’re guessing that saying opposing teams “hate” the building is a little strong.

And it is interesting to note that the way McGrady measures an arena is by how many players “score 40” in the building. There’s a team player if we’ve ever heard one.

No wonder he has so many rings (we know, cheap shot, or is it?).

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