The Internet Is To Blame For NBA Players Infidelity

IF IT WASN’T FOR INTERNET, NBAERS WOULD BE CELIBATE: BOSSIP blindsides us with the news that unmarried NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade have a hankering for women besides their Baby Mommas:

Dwyane Wade Carmelo Anthony Cheat On Girlfriends According To Bossip

1) “Anthony, who has been engaged to TV personality LaLa Vasquez (who gave birth to their first child Kiyan in March) for ages has been known for chasing women and he is currently denying on the low that he and LaLa are a couple.

2) “Wade hosted a party in Miami recently and was seen getting close to a lingerie model in his VIP section that was full of other lingerie models. Although he was seen poppin’ at lingerie models all night, he left the club solo. His wife just recently gave birth to their son Zion in May.

Since it is a natural condition for uber-athletic males in their mid-20s who are worth multimillions to latch on to a single sex partner, we find these reports shockingly irresponsible. Then again, as Mark Cuban suggests, maybe these rumors are merely a product of the insidious internet age that we are cursed to inhabit.