The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports Indiana hoops C…

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports Indiana hoops Coach Mike Davis has backed out of wearing goofy retro gear during an upcoming game.

The plan, engineered by ESPN, would have had Davis’ duds feature a "red sports coat, plaid pants, stacked heels and an afro" in game against Michigan State.

After initiallly agreeing, Davis dropped the deal.

Davis: "I didn’t want to be a distraction to the team."

Apparently the threads "were not what Davis had in mind. Part of what the cable network offered was what he termed ‘cheesy’ plaid pants."

What plaid pants aren’t cheesy?

I know this was meant all in fun, but it almost seems as if ESPN is intimating that the game itself isn’t interesting enough to keep people’s attention - and that it needs a goofy gag to draw viewers.

Even though he’s psycho on occasion, Davis made the right call on this one.