The Homeless Man Who Will Save College Football

Over the years, college football’s BCS system has come under fire from just about all corners. Coaches hate it, the Senate wants it abolished, even cartoon characters are against it. In fact, it’s safe to say that apart from the corporate fatcats getting rich off of the biggest scam in sports, there really isn’t anyone with a brain and the capacity for rational thought that thinks the current system is fair too anyone but the top echelon of football powerhouses.

So yeah, anyone with a brain knows the system sucks. But when even the nation’s crazy homeless people are rising up against the broken BCS system, you know there’s a problem. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Washington DC, where an - ahem - slightly obsessed homeless man has made BCS reform his life’s work. Hey, at least he’s working.

Former small-college football player Brandon Kennedy has been just a wee bit obsessed with the BCS since dropping out of college a couple years ago. And by obsessed, we mean he quit his warehouse job in Washington State to become a homeless person in DC so that he could be close to the Congressional BCS hearings. He claims to be perfectly sane, but, um, well, here’s how the WASHINGTON POST put it:

He has drafted a paper, “The Kennedy Proposal,” that outlines a new system. He sapped nearly all of his $450 bank account to fly from his home in Washington state to Washington, D.C., and has taken up residence underneath bridges and trees in Georgetown, living homeless for the past 13 weeks as he lobbies for change. He has sent, by his estimate, more than 15,000 e-mails and letters to college athletic conference commissioners, athletic directors and NCAA officials over the past year.

“You just look at history and the things that have been accomplished,” Kennedy said. “Everyone’s had to go to great lengths to accomplish something that’s been great. This really just seems like the only way for me to do it.”


Kennedy wrote and revised a plan to change the system, scrawling the text of the proposal on his apartment walls — his landlord was going to apply new paint once his lease was up anyway — and compiling more than 160 pages in drafts. He skipped trips to the bars on weekends to research the BCS at the library. 

He’s right. Every major event in our nation’s history has been achieved by homeless people who scrawl their first draft of their plans to save the world on their apartment walls and the final copy on dirty sheets of paper. Just walk into any big city downtown Kinko’s and you can literally smell the achievement. In fact, the first draft of the Constitution was written in grafitti on a primitive precursor to a subway tunnel. That’s the kind of initiative this country needs. Go get ‘em, Brandon!

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