The Hoff to Meet The Mormons At Las Vegas Bowl

At first glance, this Saturday’s Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl doesn’t appear to be particularly compelling. Yes, BYU had a fine season (even if they weren’t the BCS Busters we thought they were), and Arizona’s ability to finally put together a winning campaign to save Mike Stoops’ job was an interesting story. But it’s hardly Must See TV (especially since the two teams played each other in 2007 and 2006).

The Hoff

But the LAS VEGAS SUN has all the reason you’ll need to tune in from the start: David Hasselhoff is set to sing the National Anthem. That’s right: It’s “The Hoff Meets The Mormons.” Sounds like a great/awful reality show on VH1.

As I’m sure we all know, Hasselhoff isn’t just a TV legend and man among men: he’s a huge singing star in Europe. As the paper notes, his last single “Jump in My Car” had more than 6 million downloads to top the European charts. What, you haven’t heard the song yet?!? Allow me to rectify the situation at once!

Unfortunately, his album “David Hasselhoff Sings America” doesn’t have a version of the Star-Spangled Banner, so we can’t be sure exactly what it’s going to sound like, except that it’s sure to be awesome. (Especially if someone gets him loaded on SoCo and In ‘N’ Out burgers just before the performance.)

And if there’s any tension between the teams’ fans before the game, just get The Hoff on the case: if he can tear down the Berlin Wall, he can mend fences between the Mormons and a bunch of old, disgruntled John McCain supporters. A word of advice to game organizers: make sure he knows to sing the US National Anthem, otherwise you might be getting a stirring but confusing version of “Deutschland Uber Alles.”