The Goose On Steroids: “I Would’ve Done Them”

We really wish Goose Gossage was still around. We remember watching him at then-Royals Stadium, he was a giant, and threw harder than anyone we ever saw in person (and that’s coming from an eventual 10-year professional baseball announcer).

Goose Gossage

We’re not saying he was the fastest on a radar gun, but because of his hulking stature and violent gyrations before releasing the pill, he looked like the fastest, and that’s all that counts if you aren’t holding a bat.

In a sign of these sad times for baseball, the media focused on steroids during Gossage’s first major press conference since being elected to the Hall of Fame. Instead of recounting his battles with Jim Rice and the Red Sox, Gossage was asked to weigh in on performance enhancers.

While saying his drugs of choice during his playing days were “donuts and coffee,” Gossage made an admission about steroids that probably caught the Cooperstown brass aghast.

The NEW YORK POST records Gossage talking about if he would’ve done steroids: “I would have probably done it. I’m a free spirit. I like to have fun. I was a competitor. Chances are I would have done it too. I can’t sit here and say I wouldn’t have done it.

But in the same breath, Gossage ironically intimated that records of the past 10 (drug) years should be largely ignored, “It’s unfortunate, but [their] records can’t stand. There’s just too much at stake with the history of the game.

And Gossage on Roger Clemens’ current predicament? He was a little more non-committal (never know, he might see Roge at one of those celebrity golf tournaments): “The attention [Clemens] is getting now is very difficult on him, and you saw a lot of frustration on the stage that day. If this thing works against him, that’s where the frustration comes in: The possibility of not going into the Hall of Fame is tremendous.

Say what? “If” it works against Clemens? It already has, and he won’t be entering the Hall in our lifetime.