The Favre Economy Still Shaken by Indecision

Brett Favre’s self-vacillation has affected not only his family and the Packers but an entire economy built around the Favre Experience. For example, the GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE has seen their single-copy circulation rise 15% and their Web traffic shoot up since Brett started rooting around his old mud patches. However, now they can’t sell any of their Favre retirement tchotchkes:

Favre retirement paper

“”We were going to set up a booth at training camp to sell these items,” said Dave Sielski, single-copy manager. “This has made it difficult to sell anything, people are holding back. It has gone down to almost nothing. People do not want to buy something that is basically useless if he does come back.”"

That’s something else they’ll have in common with Favre.

And how do you think the people responsible for this are doing?

Favre corn

“…they have had mostly positive reactions so far, but a few grousers are saying they won’t visit. She says she doesn’t know what to expect if Favre gets traded.”

We expect someone will try to burn the ethanol in corn form.