The Eagles Cheerleaders Are Quite Eco-Friendly

When I evaluate an NFL cheerleading team, my inevitable first question is, do they use enough recycled material in their uniforms? What better cheer squad to go green than that of the Philadelphia Eagles, who have done so in a big way. They unveiled their new calendar on Wednesday, and let me just begin by noting that many of their bikinis are made from recycled soda bottles. I’m sure that the typical Eagles fan will appreciate that.

Actually it may delight Eagles fans to know that the stadium debris they’re hurling at cowering Giants’ fans in the fall may become calendar bikinis worn by their cheerleaders by December. The entire cheerleading squad showed off bikinis and jewelry by designers Aaron Chang and San Natura Organics on Wednesday at the Prince Music Theater; and yes, to answer your next question, they did include recycled guitar picks.

The Eagles are calling it biolicious couture. Where’s Bruno when you actually need him?

Jewelry was also made from recycled, repurposed or “up-cycled” materials like animal shells, dried flowers and repurposed silver, guitar picks, melted forks and knives, feathers, and even nuts from Latin and South America. The calendar is printed on recycled paper.

“By having an eco-friendly calendar, we are definitely setting an example for our fans, and the world,” cheerleader Kristin Garofalo said.

The calendar was shot in Aruba, said Amy Mecca, a six-year veteran of the squad and covergirl of last year’s calendar, which was the start of the Eagles’ eco-sexy initiative.

“It’s the second year doing an eco-friendly green theme,” she said. “This year the focus was on global warming.”

Mecca said the squad was “a little taken aback and a little confused” when told they’d be wearing suits made from former soda bottles.

“Once we saw [and wore] the pieces, we were so excited,” she said. “It gave us a whole new sense of awareness” about going green.

I’m glad to see another organization taking the PETA working model and running with it.