The Dump: There Can Never Be Too Much Berman

BUSTED COVERAGE says it has interviewed the YouTube poster who put up four of the five now-famous Chris Berman videos. It kind of reads like an interview with a 14-year-old athlete, and I have no way of verifying the authenticity, but it’s worth a look. You’re with me, beard.

Chris Berman

• Some guy in Georgia played 502 rounds of golf in 2007. Who is the lucky Mrs. Jim Mahoney?

THE WIZARD OF ODDS takes one more look at Kevin Hart, complete with video.

ON 205TH tells us Salma Hayek bid $350K for an hour of playing soccer with David Beckham. It’s not as funny now that I’ve taken the quote marks off of “playing soccer,” but it’s still interesting.

Bethlehem Shoals is on YAHOO now. That’s the FREE DARKO guy. Got it?

• A bunch of guys way smarter than Roger Clemens and his attorneys said that the 900-page statistical analysis his team put together to refute the steroid allegations is a crock. They also probably wouldn’t care much for that long-winded sentence, but whatever.

• Gregg Popovich isn’t a big Grizzlies fan after the Pau Gasol trade. “What they did in Memphis is beyond comprehension,” Popovich said.

• NBA all-star game not likely for Kevin Garnett.

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