The Dodgers and California Speedway offered a…

The Dodgers and California Speedway offered a $99 "Drive 500 Miles and Think Blue" ticket package that included one ticket to Sunday’s NASCAR Nextel Cup Auto Club 500 and tickets to two Dodger games. Plus, the package also included transportation from Dodger Stadium to California Speedway for the race, a pit pass and a speedway hat and car flag. The result? Fontucky’s race yesterday featured well over 10,000 empty seats.


ESPN and CBS’ "Sunday Morning" have recently featured the Michigan town of Watersmeet.

The reason? The local high school nickname: Nimrods.

CBS’ Bill Geist reported people are "calling the school to ask if the Nimrod nickname can possibly be real and asking for Nimrod shirts. The school is now in the garment business, having sold $20,000 of Nimrod wear and counting."

For the record, Webster’s defines Nimrod as "a descendant of Ham represented in the Old Testament book of Genesis as a mighty hunter and a king of Shinar."

Jeff Flanagan of the KANSAS CITY STAR stakes Missouri’s claim to strange school nicknames: "Columbia Hickman Kewpies, the West Plains Zizzers and the Maryville Spoofhounds."