The DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports Mark Cuban ha…

The DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports Mark Cuban has bought two billboards in Atlanta promoting his two players in the All-Star Game - Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash - and Michael Finley, who was left off the team by the coaches and then the league when Chris Webber was replaced by teammate Peja Stojakovic. The billboards: "Dirty and Nasty Time in Hotlanta" and "Where’s Fin?"


MR. BOJANGLES: With Tom Brady absolutely inundated by endorsement offers from high-profile companies, the CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL reports on one of the few deals Jake Delhomme has closed: Bojangles Chicken N’ Biscuits.
Bojangles CEO Joe Drury said, "Starting next season, we’ll have him in our commercials." This should really pump life into Bojangles’ annual "Goal-line Gizzards" promotion.