The Dallas Cowboys recently announced they’re…

The Dallas Cowboys recently announced they’re moving their training camp back to Oxnard, California - just up the road from Los Angeles.

Jerry Jones to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS: "A lot of the decision has to do with Bill Parcells. He thinks … that you can get more reps in when it’s cooler and you can play your way into shape. Bill’s philosophy has had a big influence on this.

"We have a large fan base there, and the area has such a great Hispanic fan base. … [The NFL does not] have a team in L.A., and that makes it more appealing to us. The visibility, the media, everything plays into it."

Jones is, surprisingly, correct about the number of Dallas Cowboy fans in SoCal. Besides the Raiders, Chargers and Rams, no team has more faithful parked here. And besides the Raiders, no team has more obnoxious fans in Los Angeles.


I had no idea Ozzie wanted to one-up Sheryl Swoopes:

Or maybe he was just taking after those ballsy Birdies.