The Curious Case Of Cristal Taylor Ends In Prison

You remember Cristal TaylorDirk Nowitzki’s ex-fiance, who says that she’s pregnant with his child — yeah, that one. She was sentenced to five years in prison this morning in a court in St. Charles, Missouri, on a 12-year-old forgery and theft case.

Dirk Nowitzki, Cristal Taylor

It’s never a good sign in a relationship when the man you want to marry (allegedly) hires investigators and turns you in, having you arrested in his own house. That happened in May, and now the 38-year-old St. Louis-area native is going to the Graybar Hotel for a number of transgressions, mostly forgery and writing bad checks.


Taylor had planned to marry the Dallas Mavericks player and has said she is pregnant with his child. She was arrested at his home on May 6 and accused of failing to pay for $10,000 in cosmetic dental work in Texas in 2006.

The arrest brought to light her criminal record, including a St. Charles County case from 1997 in which Taylor was accused of forgery and stealing.

This morning, Circuit Judge Nancy Schneider ordered the execution of concurrent five-year prison sentences for three felony counts and a one-year jail term for a misdemeanor.

Schneider gave Taylor credit for one year of probation, effectively reducing the sentence to four years. Matthew Fry, Taylor’s attorney, said his client also will receive credit for more than 100 days she spent in jail waiting for the case to be resolved.

General reaction to this story always seems to revolve around Ms. Taylor’s appearance — can’t Nowitzki, people wonder, do any better than this? But that’s not even close to the biggest question I have about this relationship. How did Dirk hook up with a woman whose rap sheet takes up four entire binders? And as the DALLAS MORNING NEWS points out, the biggest question has yet to be answered:

Through a Post-Dispatch editor, I asked reporter Shane Anthony whether Ms. Taylor, who would be four-to-five months pregnant according to her May claims, is showing.

This was Anthony’s response: “Not that I could tell. The [orange] prison shirts/pants are pretty loose-fitting, though.”

Obviously, the pregnancy question is the most pressing one for Nowitzki and Mavericks fans. It is one thing to start an NBA season with your former fiancée in jail. It is quite another to start a season with your pregnant former fiancée in jail.

Is Taylor pregnant with Nowitzki’s child? She reportedly refused a Texas judge’s order to undergo pregnancy and DNA tests, which is one of the reasons she’s in trouble. So sorry for the headline in which I indicated that this case is over. As far as Nowitzki is concerned, it’s far from over.

Anyway, Tony Banks is sure happy that he got out of Crazy Town when he did.