The Cowboys-Redskins Rivalry Is Officially Over

There’s been rumors that the once-great Redskins-Cowboys rivalry is no longer. We don’t want to believe it, but DC-based Chris Mottram of MISTER IRRELEVANT posts a video that is clear evidence supporting that once-unimaginable assertion:

Cowboys Fans Fight Broken Up By Redskins Fan

The video clip is of two fans throwing hands in the stands last Sunday at the Redskins-Cowboys game at FedEx Field. More specifically, the pugilistic principles are both Cowboys fans, with Redskins fans eventually breaking up the drunken scuffle.

‘Skins fans stopping two Dallas fans from bludgeoning each other? We thought we’d see Joe Theismann make an ass out of himself by needlessly criticizing ESPN and Tony Kornheiser multiple times before we’d ever witness something that incomprehensible. Oh, wait.