The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports former Ind…

The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports former Indians owner C. Carlisle Tippit died at the age 83 on Saturday "while listening to the radio play-by-play of his beloved team losing" to Arizona.

For a Tribe fan, it was the only way to go.


SWEET MELISSA: This week in Los Angeles I had the pleasure of meeting up with Drew Curtis of and Melissa Lima, the now-famous wife of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Jose Lima.

Melissa became an internet legend after merely standing next to Jose as he recently sang the national anthem before a game at Dodger Stadium.

Her appearance, not surprisingly, overshadowed Jose’s singing performance - thanks in part to posted pics of the event on SbB and Fark.

After millions around the world became aware of this originally posted pic on the Dodgers’ website, the team sadly responded by altering the photo, cropping Melissa out of the picture.

For the record, Melissa was a sweet, gracious lady - and it was great to see Drew again as well.