The Christies Sell “Colored Girl” on Mother’s Day

As you plan for Mother’s Day this weekend, feel free to splurge on the 15-flower “dozen” at the supermarket on the way home from work today after considering that Jackie Christie could be the mother of your children instead. If that were the situation, you would have to buy a clothing line, a recorded single, and a book deal for your wife. Time for another comeback before Sunday, Doug?

Jackie and Doug Christie

(In a careless study of the Internet, fully 35% of all pictures taken of the couple have them holding up one of their products.  The other 65% will soon be overwhelmed.)

The entire brand campaign is called “Colored Girl” to “(state) that all women — no matter their nationality — have color to their skin and it is something to be proud of.” Hooray, melanin? The clothes are “100% organic, eco-friendly” and the song is “recycled crap, too”.  (Okay, we made up the last one.  Kinda.)

Reclaiming “colored girl” and distributing it to the world is integration on a level to shame Brown v. Board of Education, but it’s a bit ill-timed, no?  Also, it would seem a bit more altruistic if there wasn’t a clothing line, a recorded single, and a book deal.  Relatively few social movements have marketing arms, Che Guevara’s “Beret’d Boy” division aside.

(H/T J.E. Skeets, who surely loves his mother unconditionally.)