The Chinese Even Cheat At High School Sports

I’m moderately understanding of cheating in the Olympics. It really is the peak of competition, and you can’t blame anyone for doing what they can to secure a victory that can have huge social and political ramifications. I can even understand cheating in the pros; there’s a ton of money at stake. But what if I told you one country cheated in a recent high school tournament? You’d probably just say, “that’s China for you.” And you’d be right.

Chinese Youth Team

A Chinese principal has apologized for cheating in an international girls high school soccer tournament. But I suppose if you’re going to cheat, cheat spectcularly. And they did. The squad was mostly made up of players from China’s national team.

Only three of the 15 players for Daping Junior High actually attend the school, which slightly violates the rule that states all members have to. The rest were culled from China’s junior national team. Not surprisingly, they pummeled the normal teenage girls they played earlier this month, including a beleaguered German team 6-1 in the finals.

Principal Zhang Jianling said “my bad,” and promised to return the trophy:

“In order to have a best result in the tournament, we used other members in the team without making it known to superior government and the public. “What we have done goes against sportsmanship and has undermined the image of our city as well as soccer’s development in China. We sincerely apologise for what we have done.”

Actually, it hasn’t undermined the image of China at all, just reinforced what we already know. And how satisfying could it have been for these young women, the best in their country, to beat a team of German schoolgirls?