The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports Lake Forest (IL) …

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports Lake Forest (IL) High School officials have created a code of conduct that parents must observe at sporting events - or risk being banned from the games.
The new policy comes in response to incidents last year in which parents clashed with each other and school officials about the firing of a football coach and the creation of a swim club. Mike Kelly, parent of a swimmer at Lake Forest, said it is unfortunate that school officials felt it was necessary to spell out basic behavioral guidelines for parents, which he described as "almost like kindergarten. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?" It’s not unfortunate or sad. It’s a great idea.


DRUNK KICKERS’ PICS FEATURE NUDE CHICK: If you’re a placekicker for Virgina Tech, it’s not a great idea to post photos of yourself on the internet getting drunk - especially when you’re under 21.

You might also seriously consider leaving those pics of a naked coed at your party off the World Wide Web.

UPDATE: Mr. Pace has since taken down the photos.