The Cavaliers Seem To Really Love Getting Shoes

While Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns have a lot of free time right now to go and make ’70s cop-show video spoofs, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the playoffs and making a run at an NBA title. Of course, after seeing the way they’ve manhandled the Detroit Pistons in the first two games, it’s pretty obvious they don’t need to waste too much time practicing right now. Which means they have a lot more time to shoot comical commercial spoofs.

Cavs Commercial

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Heineken commercial where a group of men jump around and scream upon discovering their friend’s new walk-in fridge that’s fully stocked with beer. Well, the Cavs have seen it too, and they decided to have some fun with it for their new playoff commercial.

The ad starts with some rather attractive female Cavaliers employees on a mission to find the team’s trainer who recently got engaged. Upon seeing her ring they begin jumping up and down and squealing as girls are wont to do - only to be drowned out by the screaming coming from the Cavs’ locker room. Of course, words are boring and moving pictures are much more entertaining. Never wanting to disappoint you all, here’s the video, thanks to the guys over at FANTASTICUS:

If you think Delonte West is crying, wait until you see the shoe’s reaction after it finds out it now has herpes. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Every few months.