The BUCKS COUNTY (PA) COURIER TIMES reports that a lesbian named Jodi Pollock, who attended the Phillies’ recent "Gay Community Night," was outraged because of an anti-homosexual banner at the game.
I’m surprised to see that no one picked up on the real story here: Pollock was the first Phils fans at Citizens Bank Park this season to be outraged at someone other The new Mark Wahlberg football movie "Invincible", according to critics and sports reporters, is less than convincing on numerous fronts *shock*.

Larry Stewart of the LOS ANGELES TIMES writes movie makers "always feels the need to tinker with the facts. … The final scene in the movie is only somewhat similar to what happened.

"And NFL Films footage from a real game against the [Giants] that is shown after the conclusion of the movie is misleading."

Lisa Rose of the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER reports that film leaves out major parts of Vince Papale’s background.

Papale actually "launched his career as a wide receiver with the Philadelphia Bell, part of the short-lived [WFL]. The film also neglects to mention his college days as a track star."

Terry Lawson of the DETROIT FREE PRESS reports that Papale being *discovered* by the Eagles in an open tryout is far from what really happened.

Then-Eagles GM Jim Murray spotted Papale while he was in the WFL, and Vermeil "took him on after arranging a private, look-see workout session arranged by Murray," which is not in the movie.

Eleanor Ringel Gillespie of the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION gives the film a "D+".

Gillespie: "Any movie that resorts to slo-mo sports action in the first 15 minutes (as this one does) has a problem. … If you want to see a really good inspirational movie about football, try ‘Remember the Titans.’ But if you want to see a movie about bad ‘70s hair and tiresome sports-movie clichés, ‘Invincible’ opens today."

And finally, Gary Thompson of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS writes the football scenes "might have worked even better if Wahlberg had looked more like an NFL football player."

Kind of like what we said weeks ago. (halfway down)