The Browns Will Start QB Ken Dorsey … Seriously

Last week the Browns had two viable starting quarterbacks. Now they have none. Enter NFL re-tread and perpetual third-stringer Ken Dorsey. If Romeo Crennel didn’t have enough to worry about already, the loss of both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson in two weeks means that his future as Cleveland’s head coach depends on a quarterback who has thrown a grand total of three passes all season. Oh, and none of them have been completed.

derek anderson hurt

(This is not what Cleveland fans were looking for.)

The quarterback conundrum (hey, it’s not a controversy) comes as a result of an ESPN report that Anderson will be lost for the season after straining his left MCL in the fourth quarter of the Browns’ 10-6 loss to the Colts on Sunday. That’s right, they couldn’t score more than six points with Anderson, a Pro Bowler last year, which can’t make Dorsey optimistic about his own chances guiding the Browns offense.

Then again, this is a guy who led Miami to a dominant national title … and should have won a second if not for Ohio State’s overtime miracle in the Fiesta Bowl. He won 38 collegiate games and only lost two.

The problem is what Dorsey’s done since then … because he’s done nothing. He played in a total of 11 games in 2004 and 2005 for the woeful 49ers, and he never completed more than 54 percent of his passes. Since he flew into Cleveland he’s appeared in a grand total of one game … in 2006. Oh, and he only threw one pass in that Cleveland loss. Not shockingly, it fell incomplete.

Lest you think that Crennel could weather the inevitable Ken Dorsey storm/fallout, well, there’s not much chance of that. According, again, to ESPN, the Browns need a full-fledged “miracle finish” just to keep Crennel in a job. With Tennessee, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh the remaining games on Cleveland’s slate, there’s only one gimme left.

With the way things are going over at Notre Dame, maybe Charlie Weis will be available, too! Could Bill Belichick swoop in and re-sign his former coordinators? A rekindling of Super Bowls past? Never say never.