The Braves Really Are A Backwards Organization

You may remember that before Game 2 of the 1992 World Series in Atlanta, Toronto Blue Jays fans were shocked to see the U.S. Marine Corps Color Guard holding the Canadian flag upside down. Was it a succinct snub at the Canucks by their Southern hosts? Well, it turns out that such topsy-turvy behavior is just normal for the Braves.

Braves upside down flag N

A reader over at UNI WATCH BLOG was taking in the sights & sounds of Atlanta’s Turner Field, when he noticed a big mistake in the Braves’ biggest display of their baseball bravado. For the team’s banner marking their triumph as 1995 World Series Champions, the “N” is backwards.

Larger photo after the jump.

Braves World Champions backward N

Doesn’t say much for the Georgia educational system, does it? But let’s not get too giddy about the Braves’ botch-ups. It’s not like they’ve reached Washington Nationals-levels of grammatical & historical ineptitude. Well, not yet, anyway. (Someone better check to see if Turner Field is being truthful about its kosher concessions.)

Why if it wasn’t for Washington, the Atlanta would be the ones currently sitting in the NL East basement.  So thank goodness the Braves have the Nats around to make them look better on their field and better in the brain department.