The BOSTON GLOBE reports that MLB is "ho…

The BOSTON GLOBE reports that MLB is "hopeful of playing regular-season games in Europe in 2005," and is considering "looking at bringing a team of big-league All-Stars to Australia after the 2004 season."

Maybe Bud thinks we’ll all forget about the disasters that are the Expos, D-Rays, etc., if MLB makes a splash in Slovakia.

After seeing the stagnant joke that is NFL Europe, baseball really thinks it can make inroads on the continent?

The best NFL writer in the biz,’s Len Pasquarelli, reports that NFL Europe "survived for two more seasons" - passing on a 24-8 vote when three-fourths majority was required - because Saints Owner Tom Benson "changed his mind" about the league.

Pasquarelli: "Count on Benson … to merit some sort of chip down the road - like league support anytime he runs into problems at the Superdome or, more likely, another Super Bowl for New Orleans in the next six or seven years."