The Big Ten Network Just Got A Lot Awesomer

Awesomer is a word. I don’t care if dictionaries are too good for it, it’s a word, and today, it describes the Big Ten Network quite perfectly.

Genuflect Before Gus Johnson

That’s because the BTN just announced that it is adding Gus Johnson to the college basketball team, instantly transforming a shoddy, low-rent organization into the best in the business. Gus Johnson is that good, and if you don’t believe me, A) you’re an idiot, and B) conclusive video evidence is after the jump.

Now, a legitimate question is whether Gus can muster even a tenth of the excitement of these moments when he’s watching, like, Iowa at Penn State or the usual second-class fare that populates the Big Ten Network–keep in mind, the BTN only shows the games that ESPN passes on–but that’s an issue for later. And at the very least, even if 90% of the games he calls are crap, those last 10% are going to be immortalized with a proper soundtrack. For a struggling network like the BTN, that’s the best news they could ask for.