The Big Loser In USC Appeal? Trojans Themselves

Case you missed Pete Carroll’s canned, two-minute video reaction last week to (allegedly) unknowingly plowing USC’s football program into an NCAA-cast buzzsaw, he pledged to assist the university in an appeal to get the lifesucking sanctions reduced.

Mike Garrett and Reggie Bush Heisman Trophies

(O.J. Wants His Notoriety Back!)

Also promoting an appeal was USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett and Reggie Bush.

Most legal experts familiar with the NCAA appeal process have reportedly indicated that an appeal of such magnitude, especially in lieu of USC’s defensive public reaction to the penalties and lack of cooperation during the NCAA’s four-year investigation, would be a largely futile effort in the end.

Pete Carroll Book Signing In Huntington Beach

(Forever? Yes. Win? No.)

So why then are Carroll, Garrett and Bush pushing so hard for an appeal?

Because they are likely to benefit the most personally from the NCAA mitigating its recent decision.

The legacy of each man is absolutely defined by the USC football program that the NCAA reduced to rubble. Instead of national championships and Heisman trophies (Garrett has one too), the trio is now forever associated with the darkest days in USC football history.

If you were an incoming recruit, underclassman or USC football coach on the recruiting trail, would you want the school to embark on what could be a fruitless, year-long appeal, only to have the sanctions pushed back another season?

If you were a USC administrator, would you want your school to undergo the costly, distracting, embarrassing appeal process knowing that your odds of achieving relief were slim?

Not to mention that if the appeal was somehow successful, the very people who caused the mess would personally benefit from such a reduction in NCAA penalties?

Of course you wouldn’t. But Carroll, who is promoting a new book and is launching his “Win Forever” academy in L.A. next week, is absolutely is dead-set on trying to polish up his now-tarnished legacy. So he’s all for attempting to overturn any sliver of the NCAA’s decision - no matter how costly the process to the school.

Likewise Bush, who is reportedly now mulling a move out of L.A. and Garrett, who will be nudged out of office regardless come August.

If USC has any decency, it’ll abandon its NCAA appeal and pay Garrett, Bush and Carroll back with the same consideration it was previously afforded by the shameless trio.

Somewhere, anywhere, there’s got to be a USC administrator grounded in reality.

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