The Big Judas Throws Suns Under Bus On Twitter

The latest installment of the Phoenix Suns’ flameout came last night in an embarrassing loss to Dallas. It’s now clear that new coach Terry Porter’s low-post based offense isn’t working out all that wonderfully. And Porter’s personality might also be a source of consternation for the players.

Shaq Twitter Throws Suns Under The Buss

After taking a game off to rest, Shaquille O’Neal dropped a stinkbomb on the Suns in his 26 minutes vs. the Mavs Thursday. So what now for The Big Judas? Why, throw his team under the bus after the game on his Twitter account, of course!

Yes, Shaq is still texting away on Twitter, and after the Dallas loss last night, he updated his account with this: “If you cant command then u must learn to follow, but what if u aint winning when u listen, then what???????? Whatthe hell is wrong wit da suns.

So is that a direct dig at coach Porter? Or teammate Nash? Both?

Porter’s new walk-it-up style actually lends to Shaq’s abilities, but with #32 in decline, and the team’s mediocre performance, you just know The Big Crispy is already in scapegoat-seeker mode.

You also wonder if Shaq continues with Twitter updates like that, how long before Porter makes him shut down the account.

I give it a week.

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