The Bengals Revolution Will Be A Local Black Out

Bengals fans are a tortured bunch. Their team is awful, their front office is a shambles, and they have to live in Cincinnati when the game is over. But they’re not historically bad, as the Lions are, so it’s easy to pay no mind. Enter Project Mayhem, a ridiculously creative effort by disgruntled fans to get the word out. Their latest mission targeted the part of Paul Brown Stadium one might most associate with the team: the urinals.

Bengals Urinal Cake

Hundreds of these urinal cakes made their way to bathrooms around the stadium during yesterday’s game against Washington. Who knows how much the focusing of the fans’ passion (and urine stream) contributed to the team pulling out a win against the equally woeful Redskins? But the fact remains, the Bengals still don’t have a GM, Mike Brown is still the owner, and Project Mayhem will continue. After the jump, a look back at some of the past missions.

The rumblings of a revolution were there from day one. It started simply enough, with signs like these:

Bengals Sign

But that wasn’t enough to touch Mike Brown’s cold, oblivious heart. It progressed to Bengals fans hijacking the stadium’s “jerk line,” set up to anonymously report unruly fans. During week nine, hundreds of calls to the jerk line reported that “As a Bengals fan, Mike Brown is mentally and emotionally abusing me from his owner’s box.”

Point still not taken. That’s when the signage had to be taken to the next level. Fans donated $4,500 dollars to put up four billboards around the city.

Bengals Billboard

We salute you, Project Mayhem, for you represent all of us fans who have ever been disregarded and spat upon by incompetent ownership. Keep fighting the good fight, and we stand with you in solidarity.