The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports a college basket…

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports a college basketball player who turns away from the U.S. flag during the national anthem was jeered by flag-waving students at a road game, even while she was on the bench.

Toni Smith, a senior at Manhattanville College, was booed before, during and after Manhattanville’s game at Mount St. Mary’s. At the end of the game the crowd sang "God Bless America.”

Smith is protesting "that the government’s priorities are not on bettering the quality of life for all of its people, but rather on expanding its own power.”

When Manhattanville played at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy on Feb. 11, more than 300 flag-waving midshipmen greeted Smith with chants of "USA” and "Leave our country.”

Manhattanville President Richard Berman: "What she’s doing is courageous and difficult.”

Evidently this isn’t Smith’s first case of very bad judgement. In her bio on the Manhattanville website, Smith lists her favorite movie as "Days of Thunder."

At least she has her good looks to fall back on.

I think we may actually be giving her too much credit with the jeering and booing. Ignoring her would be a much better idea. I sense that this is more an attention-grab than political statement. Obviously she ain’t gettin’ much attention from the opposite sex.

What do you think?


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