The 1st Sure Thing About Big 10’s Expansion Plan

Deciphering what’s really going on with the Big 10, Pac-10 and Big 12 is still in the dart-throwing phase, but at least one thing is absolutely for certain: Do not believe Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany’s public pronouncements on the subject.

Big 10 President Jim Delany As Pontius Pilate

(Emperor Delany Apparently Inspired By Commodus)

On April 17, Teddy Greenstein of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE reported on Big 10 expansion:

Remember the talk that the Big Ten would take 12-18 months to decide whether to expand?

An accelerated timetable has emerged, according to sources familiar with the process.

High-ranking Big Ten representatives will meet Sunday afternoon in Washington D.C. to discuss expansion.

If the league can emerge from the D.C. meetings with a mandate to expand, commissioner Jim Delany could take a substantial step next week at the annual BCS meetings, outside Phoenix.

On April 20, Delany said of Greenstein’s “accelerated timetable” report:

We have not accelerated anything. We haven’t changed anything, neither the timetable nor the process that was described.”

That leads us to an email between Ohio State President Gordon Gee and Delany dated April 19 and published today by the COLUMBUS DISPATCH:

We are fast-tracking it but need to know the $ and observe contracts,” Delany wrote. “Also need to make sure we leverage this to increase chances of hr additions. Finally double chess # of moving parts including not harming brand as we executy.”

Now that he’s been caught in a documented deception, what to do if you’re Delany?

Hire hackers to gum up President Gee’s email account.

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