That Sick-Kick-Pick-Six? Yeah, Um, Not So Much

You might recall yesterday’s post about the ridiculous go-ahead touchdown Washington scored on Arizona after a Nick Foles pass deflected off of WR Delashaun Dean’s cleats and into the grasp of Huskies LB Mason Foster. Hell of a way to lose a game, right?

Delashaun Dean Mason Foster Incomplete Pass Spikes

Hell of a way, indeed. That’s a closeup screencap - or actually somebody just taking a picture of their television from 9 inches away, it would appear - of the ball evidently touching the ground as it hits Dean’s shoe. So, you’re likely wondering, why wasn’t the play reviewed? Turns out, it was.

As Scott Wolf at INSIDE USC reports, this one might be on FOX SPORTS:

But the play also highlights the awful coverage Fox Sports provides on college football. Here’s a link to the key moment. Note how Fox showed the key replay angle only one time and the announcers never question whether the ball hit the ground.

Here’s said key play, since we’d never leave a video unembedded if we can help it:

Now, we’re not entirely certain what the refs were looking at on review, but the fact that the announcers weren’t given the key angle more than once doesn’t exactly bode well.

Shame for Arizona, since the Pac-10 is wide open after USC and Oregon likely fill out the top two spots. A win and they’re looking at the Sun Bowl (Holiday, even, if the Pac-10 puts two teams in the BCS) . Now? Um… how does the Emerald Nuts Bowl sound? Or the Las Vegas Bowl? The good bowl games are the ones before Christmas, right? No? Crap.