Thankfully, Jason Giambi Still Has Juice In Vegas

PAGE SIX’s spiffy new(?) website shows off photos today of Jason Giambi’s birthday party at the Las Vegas club Body English.

Jason Giambi

Rappers Chuck D, Flava Flav and Run’s former other half, DMC, were all in attendance. The trio, in town for the ginormous Consumer Electronics Show, also performed together for the first time on stage.

But taking the cake was the … uh … Giambi’s birthday cake, which featured a naked torso of a woman. You might be wondering who the woman is in the photo with Giambi. No, it isn’t his pharmacist. It’s his wife Kristian, who “was in attendance and she reportedly loved the cake.”

Now you’re a famous New York Yankee, in Vegas, surrounded by rap stars in a hot club on your birthday. What the hell are you thinking dropping your wife into that punch bowl?

Oops, we forgot, there were Page Six photographers in attendance. Of course he’s going to call the wife down from the Sky Villia for a few photos (the dratted curse of celebrity).