Thabeet Tweets He Failed Drug Test As A Prank

I hate April Fools’ Day. It’s to being funny what St. Patrick’s Day is to drinking: pure amateur hour. Every office cut-up who thinks that “Two and a Half Men” is God’s gift to comedy decides that this would be a great time to do something wacky - think Michael Scott from “The Office.” And every radio hack in America decides to start a rumor that a certain celebrity died of a drug overdose/car crash/lightning strike.

Hasheem Thabeet Twitter joke

So as cranky as I am about the whole day, it’s rare when I can appreciate an April Fools’ Day stunt. But I have to doff my cap to Connecticut star Hasheem Thabeet, who managed to pull of a good prank using his (protected) Twitter account. THE ARENA reports that Thabeet Tweeted that he had failed a drug test, and would be not playing in the Final Four this weekend.

Yeah, that noise you heard was Connecticut fans collectively collapsing with massive heart attacks for the time in between Thabeet’s original message and his follow-up letting people know that it was all a gag. I’m not sure if his coach Jim Calhoun would approve of such shenanigans right before the biggest game of Thabeet’s career. Then again, it appears that Twittering is a popular past time for Connecticut basketball players past and present.

Of course, you could make a case that Twittering about a failed drug test perhaps isn’t the best thing to joke about. I say “nonsense” to that. (And also “harumph” and “hogwash”, while shaking my cane in the air and tugging on my handlebar mustache.) It’s good to see that Thabeet isn’t letting the pressure of the Final Four get to him, and is instead having fun with it. Now if only we can convince Tom Izzo to start using Twitter and post that he’s taking the Memphis job.

Still, I can imagine someone who is going to be running extra wind sprints at practice today.