Texas Tech Plucks Next Kicker From The Stands

Texas Tech student Matt Williams won a month’s rent by making a 30-yard field goal during a Red Raiders’ game earlier this season. But he also might have won something more valuable: a spot on the football team. RED RAIDER SPORTS (h/t DR. SATURDAY) has the story of how Crazy Mike Leach has plucked a kicker from the stands, and is giving him a real shot at being the next Texas Tech kicker.

Mike Leach chair

To put it mildly, Texas Tech’s kicking game has stunk this season. Leach has already gone through two kickers who have missed six extra points and four of their eight FG attempts. So, when he saw Williams nail his field goal he was intrigued, especially since the novice wasn’t kicking worm burners:

“I’ve seen that guy try one kick,” added Leach. “But the difference between his and the others is that they barely got off the ground. His got up right away.

So not only has Williams received a chance to try out for the team, he’s made the most of it: he might get a chance to kick against Kansas this weekend. The DAILY TOREADOR notes that he’s already beat out one of the two scholarship kickers on the team.  The whole thing is improbable, but not unthinkable - after all, Tech’s last two kickers were walk-ons, albeit not “plucked-from-the-stands-ons.” But this could only happen with kickers. Can you imagine a major college team taking someone from the student body and, say, suiting him up at quarterback.

On second thought, never mind.