Texas Tech Lucky Not To Break Scoreboard In Win

When the buzzer sounded last night, the scoreboard said Texas Tech 77, East Central 57. Sort of a typical score for an early season tuneup game, 77’s not too shabby, and wait a second why are there cheerleaders why is nobody going home oh good jesus it’s only halftime.

Pat Knight yelling
(”Hey! If we go below 130 points for the rest of the year we’re doing sprints at 5 a.m.!”)

Then the second half started, and the Red Raiders put on a display of such aberrant scoring lust that even their football brethren across campus were blushing. Texas Tech scored 90 points in the second half alone, finishing off an unprecedented 167-115 win.

Shockingly, that total is the best in Texas Tech history, barely topping their previous best of 128 in a double-overtime win over Texas nearly 15 years ago. It should be noted, though, that Texas is a real college basketball team, and East Central is just two different directional indicators. East Central what, precisely? Nobody knows. Could be anything.

Texas Tech was led in scoring by Trevor Cook, who dropped 20 points for the Red Raiders. 10 players for Tech scored in the double digits, which is almost certainly a record in and of itself, but Cook’s performance was notable for one main reason: he barely played. His 11 minutes of game time was 11th best on the team, and yet Cook converted 9 of his 13 shots (yes, that’s more than one shot per minute of gameplay for one single player, and no, that’s not normal in the slightest), adding two free throws.

For their part, East Central seemed rather remorseless for their role in pushing the tempo of the game and allowing the Red Raiders’ superior athleticism to dominate the game. Said EC coach Terry Shannon:

“Wow, that was fun wasn’t it?” Shannon said. “We came in with a couple of ideas. We wanna play an up-tempo game. We wanna force people to play our pace; we didn’t have to force them. They went with us and boy they shot the ball well.

Tech is really, really unlikely to even approach any sort of performance like this for the rest of the season; not only do they not have any more Division III or whatever opponents on their schedule from here on out, but this is still the same Pat Knight-led Red Raider squad that averaged fewer than 70 points a game last season. They’re not exactly used to this.

Still, Mike Leach and football team: the gauntlet has been thrown. Either break your old scoring record by 30%, or your team is full of chumps.