Texas Tech Coach Jonesin’ For Jamaican Speed

It’s fall, almost, which means it’s time to once again make a big deal out of SEC (or, as Orson at EDSBS would say, ESS EEC SEE) speed. Are southern athletes the fastest in the world? Why can’t the Big Ten catch up? Is this a myth propagated by those dealing in barely concealed stereotypes? Only you can decide.

In the meantime, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach wants him some of that southern speed. Since the Olympics, he’s discovered a whole new frontier to get it: Jamaica.


“I got to be honest, I’ve been thinking about recruiting Jamaica since I saw that stuff,” Leach told hosts Andrew Siciliano and Krystal Fernandez. “I’ve been to Jamaica and let me tell you something … here’s the extent that I’ve thought about that subject, there’s approximately 2.8 million people in Jamaica, which is approximately the size of the state of Iowa or Kansas, or the city of Houston. “It’s almost like the country of Jamaica is sitting there saying, ‘If you would have just told us that this was important we could have won a lot of this stuff a long time ago.’”

Mike Leach, Jamaican football pioneer. I can see it now: Slightly bumbling older white guy shows up in Jamaica, bringing only scholarships, his straight-from-the-ADD-addled-gamer’s-mind offensive playbook, and a dream. Hilarity ensues. Where’s Disney’s development department when I need them? This is pure gold.

Of course, one impediment is actually leaving the country. Just don’t ask Leach to fly DFW.